3 Ways To Alleviate Lower Back Pain

lumbar lower backLower back pain is one of the most common back problems experienced by senior citizens over the course of their lifetime. While this particular problem is common among the elderly, it can also affect the younger generation. It is one that causes great discomfort and is capable of paralyzing the day to day activities of the patient. The good news is that there are ways of managing chronic lower back pain. With time, the pain becomes a dull ache and normalcy of daily living can be restored. Here are the most common 3 ways to alleviate lower back pain.

Keep Going; Stretch and Keep Fit. Exercising is one of the best remedies for lower back pain. Moderate and simple exercises such as a brisk walk, easy jogging, cycling and stretching work outs are excellent for managing lower back pain. By exercising regularly, the body is strengthened and its flexibility enhanced. Such aerobic exercises also promote oxygen circulation to the back’s soft tissues, promoting healing. If jogging or walking becomes unbearably painful, then swimming is a great alternative. A person who stays fit is less likely to experience severe pain. Keep your body mobile, in moderation. It is a very bad idea to engage in intense work outs with a sore back.

See A Specialist. There are many experts who specialize in treating lower back pain. A back care specialist will be able to examine and identify the root cause of the pain. This is the first step toward relieving lower back pain. Specialists like chiropractors, physical therapists and exercise psychologists with extensive experience are well aware that each patient’s problem may require a different approach. They will most probably device an individualized plan that works best for each patient. The specialists will also determine how severe the inflammation is and they may prescribe medication, advice on surgical methods and advice accordingly. Because this is their forte, their advice could be invaluable in helping alleviate lower back pain.

Take A Break. Unknown to many people, chronic lower back pain could be a result of too much strenuous activities. Common culprits include prolonged gardening work, lifting heavy objects, injury during exercises and incorrect posture. Spending too many hours gardening or hunched forward (in the office, over a computer), causes untold strain to the back muscles increasing the pressure on the nerves. Reducing the amount of time spent in one position is good for your back. It will promote flexibility and increase the range of motion. Taking a break by napping or getting a good night’s rest will give your body time to repair inflamed tissues. A good rest is rejuvenating and a great solution to lower back pain.

Research has shown that being overweight and obese increase the risk of suffering from severe lower back pain. So, proper weight management is highly advocated. This can be achieved by regular exercise. This shows that exercising and staying fit is really a key element in alleviating lower back pain. Do not let the strain build up for years, start tackling it now with a chiropractor in the richmond area.

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